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Tastebridge Foodhacking at CCC27[edit | edit source]

26th of December - DAY I.[edit | edit source]

I've arrived to the "snowy" Berlin on the evening of 25th of December. The city was glittering under the fresh white cover and everything look just great. I've made it to the hostel, spend the night and the next day I've hit the CCCB for the first time in my life. Within several hours I was preparing food in nice big kitchen with really cool German team, trying to understand at least the basics. We have done basic sandwiches with margarine, some ham, salami, cheese and tomatoes and cucumber. Nice and simple. I've volunteer to make a cucumber, tomato and onion spread and first Tastebridge hack was on the plate (check the photo).

At the Eve of the first day I've managed to secure a abandoned "incubator" so I've mixed bit of honey, some water and yogurt and honey cooler was on! Supported by 33C to speed it up a bit, my hopes that we can have something nice and tasty on the table before the end of the event were high!

Vegan cucumber, tomato and onion spread just served for angels
Incubator on Honey Cooler and Yogurt Culture

Recipe for a Light Summer Spread


1 cucumber

4 tomatoes

2 onions (middle size)

2 table spoons of black paper

2 table spoons of salt

1 table spoon of vinegar


butter or margarine


sharp knife

cutting board


measuring spoons


Dice a cucumber and tomatoes on a 2-4 mm cubes and transfer them to the bowl.

Dice an onion on 2-3 mm pieces and transfer it to the bowl.

Add the black pepper and salt and mix the vinegar in.

Taste the mix making sure that the taste is strong and it is salty enough.

Spread on the bread preferably on a layer of butter or margarine so the bread do not get mushy.

27th of December - DAY II.[edit | edit source]

Well it is interesting how quickly you can adjust to various situations if you have to or even better if you want to. As a reliable food angel I've managed to get access to the kitchen equipment being allowed to start a proper food hacking. In the same time I've got confirmed two time slots for the workshops on preparation of probiotic drinks. As a major achievement I take establishing a food hacking station on one of the major corridors of the event. Heureka!

I've started nice and secure, so first food hack was traditional breath of the coyote [[1]] however this time with emental instead of sharp cheddar cheese (which I've preferred).

First public food hack, the "infamous" breath of the coyote.

The workshop where we have prepared kombucha went really nice and smooth and I do believe that the hackers got the general idea what is the food hacking about and how to do a nice kombucha batch. We have used a black tea colombo and brown evaporated sugar with molasses (taste a bit too strong) fallowing Tastebridge recipe [[2]]. For more please see the photos.

High quality loose black tea colombo.
10 min steeping of black tea colombo in just boiled water.
10 min steeping of black tea colombo in just boiled water.
New batch of black tea kombucha, culture volume (Vc) = 3 l.

So another day was nicely finished, 2 am and time to go for the hostel a beautiful 45 minutes walk through freezing Berlin.

28th of December - DAY III.[edit | edit source]

I've walked my daily round to the All Hostel for the last time, 45 min of "zu fus". Today I'm moving to the "Gym" which is dedicated for visitors of the congress and for angles is for free.

Concerning food and beverage hacking today I've done a egg and mayonnaise salad, mashed potatoes with butter, butter milk, milk and sausage and vegan and vegetarian fruit salads. From the culturing I've started a new yogurt culture and cleaned up the consequences of the last "probiotic explosion". What a luck that the walls here are washable and there was no one around when it went off ...

I've added few pictures and short manual for the egg spread and the fruit probiotic salad.

Recipe for Egg salad


6 eggs

2 onions (middle size)

150 ml of mayonnaise

1 table spoons of black paper

1 tea spoon of lemon juice

4 table spoons of salt and 2 table spoons of salt




sharp knife

cutting board


measuring spoons


Fill the pot with water and add the eggs making sure that they are covered with water.

Add the 4 TB of salt and bring slowly to the boil.

Let to boil for 7 minutes and after that switch it off and let sit for 5-10 min.

Dispose the water and let to cool down for 20 minutes or so.

Crack the eggs and peal them.

Dice the eggs on 3-4 mm cubes and transfer to the bowl.

Dice the onion on 2-3 mm cubes and add the to the eggs.

Add the mayonnaise, pepper, lemon and 2 TB of salt to the mix and taste.

Adjust the taste to your liking and try the final result on the bread. Consume within 2 days, refrigerate in the meanwhile.

Food hacking station set up with egg and garlic spread.

Recipe for Fruit Probiotic Salad


4 apples

3 oranges

2 bananas

1 cup of yogurt

1/2 cup of honey

2 TB of lemon juice

(20 almonds, walnuts, raisins if available)


sharp knife

cutting board


measuring spoons

1/2 cup measur


Dice the fruit in to smaller pieces of 0.5 cubes or slices.

Add the honey and lemon juice and mix properly.

Add the yogurt and mix properly. Taste and adjust to your liking. Store at room temperature if you like to support the fermentation or keep at cold to preserve it for longer. The salad will last for weeks just becoming more acidic but preserved by the life yogurt culture.

Probiotic fruit salad and it's vegan version.

New yogurt culture, started at 23:30 on 28th of December (5% v/v of yogurt and the rest fresh whole milk), fermented at 33C, anaerobic.

29th of December - DAY IV.[edit | edit source]

I've started quite pretty cool. I've checked the kitchen if everything is OK and after that I've had "the lightning talk". I've been introducing the concept of food hacking to more or less 150 people in person. The presentation went cool so I could happily move back to kitchen to help with food preparations and I've done few thinks of my own too. Today I did mackerel and yeast spreads and mull wine. I'm posting the pictures and links to recipes more has to be added.

Yeast Spread

Yeast and mackerel spreads.
Yeast and mackerel spreads.

30th of December - DAY V.[edit | edit source]

Today was the last day of the congress. I've started quite early at 10:00 with a workshop on food hacking - fermented foods and beverages. We have harvested kombucha which was prepared on the eve of 27th and made a new "micro" batches distributing them to the participants of the workshop. The Tastebridge kombucha production manual can be found here

Kombucha production manual

We have also done a harvest and flavouring of the honey cooler drink started by me on the evening of 28th and left to ferment at 33C. We used hot infusions of hibiscus and ginger and adjusted the sweetness by adding honey. The drink was a hit! I will try to post the recipe within the weak (10% w/v honey; 5% v/v yogurt or whey).

Last but not least was harvest and distribution of the yogurt culture used for making yogurts and making honey cooler drinks. The simple recipe/manual for total volume of 1 l is to take 5-10% v/v (50-100 ml) of the yogurt culture, transfer it to the 1 l glass container with preferably wide opening which can be tightly closed and add milk (look warm) up to the top, close and shake a bit. The bottle should be closed tight and you will have to release the pressure let say once per day. The yogurt culture prosper at higher temperatures, I recommend a bit more than 30C but please do not leave at constant temperature all the time try to oscillate between 20 to 35C so all the different micro-organisms have a chance. Water bath/bucket with aquarium heater (25-100 W) works I think the best and is easy and cheap to get.

The another pleasant event during the workshop was a tasting of home made beer from Arnd and very enthusiastic discussion on the topic. I hope that next time we can have more info and workshops on beer, mead and fruit wines brewing.

The workshop was success and I believe that I've transferred part of my knowledge to roughly 20 people interested in food hacking and spread the life cultures a bit further.

Many Thanks[edit | edit source]

I would like to thank to everyone for participating on this congress. It was very intensive and fruitful experience and I do believe that the next year the presence of food hackers will be much more intense, having a place for our activities 24/7 should be our goal.

I hope to stay in touch,

For Tastebridge,



Presenting at the workshop.

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