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This page holds copies of our tax filings with the IRS and the California FTB.

They may be modified to remove personal contact information for the officers, and thus are not official copies. Originals may be requested in accordance with California and federal laws.

Noisebridge's fiscal year matches the calendar year. Thus, all reported tax years are the same as the calendar year.


We filed several forms for the 2009 tax year:

NOTE: As of August 22, the Federal 990-EZ, Calfironia 199 (and its Schedule A attachment) have all been found to have severe flaws as prepared by our "tax professional". The problems are being worked on, and a proper announcement will be made when the entire situation is resolved. However, do not regard any of these documents as being at all correct at present. Ieatlint 10:59, 22 August 2010 (UTC)


We filed a 990N form for the 2008 tax year. This signified that we collected less than $25,000.