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TechShop / Noisebridge Reciprocal Membership[edit]

TechShop is a for-profit company that offers equipment for use by its members to make things. The equipment includes laser cutters, milling machines, and other way useful expensive machines. Full membership is usually $120/month.

TechShop is opening a new location in San Francisco in SOMA.

TechShop has offered half-priced membership ($60/month) to all Noisebridge members in good standing if Noisebridge offers half-priced membership ($40/month) to all TechShop members in good standing.

This arrangement should be mutually beneficial, and will probably result in more Noisebridge members who like making things. And I am hoping that some of the people from TechShop with $40/month Noisebridge memberships will donate more money to Noisebridge beyond their membership dues.

Up for consensus:[edit]

  • To make this work, I would like to email everyone who is a Noisebridge member in good standing and ask if they would like me to send their email address and name to TechShop so that TechShop can offer them half-price TechShop membership.
  • Also, new Noisebridge members would tick a box on their Noisebridge membership application form if they would like their email address and name to be sent to TechShop to be offered half-priced TechShop membership.

TechShop promises that they will not use our contact info for any other purpose than to offer those who opt-in half-priced TechShop membership.

- Mitch.