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She shifted into high gear and she jerked me even faster. My cock was long enough that I was able to stand up without dislodging Esther's lip-lock on it. She raised her head and kept her eyes fastened to mine as I stood. Her hands were traveling the length of my shaft like a ripsaw. My breathing became rapid; my legs began to tremble; my stomach muscles contracted. Then came the flood. The cum had little place to go in her incredibly stuffed mouth, so the first couple of spurts oozed from the corners of her lips and ran down her neck and soaked into her collar. My body convulsed as she pulled my cockhead from her mouth and got a facial hosing from the next several squirts. She immediately formed a seal around the tip of my cockhead without missing a stroke on my pulsing giant. She swallowed once or twice, but wasn't able to keep up with the deluge. Semen leaked down her chin and onto her skirt and blouse. Spurt after spurt shot into her mouth as she massaged the huge tube that was nourishing her. Eventually I began to come down from the dizzying high of a fantastic orgasm. Esther slowed her assault on my dick, but didn't break the seal between my knob and her lips.

When I was done, she pulled her mouth from my organ and kept her lips shut tight to retain the fluid that caused her cheeks to bulge so. She rubbed my sticky cock all over her eyes, cheeks, and forehead, smearing semen into a thin film covering every square inch of her face. Still lovingly holding on to my withering member, she tilted back her head and opened her mouth for me. It was completely filled with warm, thick cum. She dropped my cock, closed her mouth and swished the semen from one cheek to the other several times, and while looking right at me she swallowed twice and consumed the entire load.