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Testimonials about why people love Noisebridge. Feel free to add yours to this wiki page.

It's inspirational, and it makes doing projects a lot easier: I love the sewing machines and the woodshop. I come in and I'm overwhelmed by the ways people can be creative. It definitely has inspired me to learn from others, and to do more projects; it sounds trite but what can I say?

The way cool people are doing way cool things. It's wonderful the way that people are greeted when they come in the door, and if they're new, the way people show them around and make them feel welcome.

I love how many people there are who take matters of fixing things into their own hands. I love the 5mof talks.

The crazy experimental utopian geek society vision it's based on.

Fabrication equipment.

Anarchy, how much people care about stuff (even stuff that's stupid or useless), brain-controlled robot, FUCKING INDUSTRIAL JUKIS. Many many awesome people.

The people, the community! Great folks doing amazing work. The classes, the equipment. The beautiful space. The generosity and excitement about everything. The adorable subversiveness.

I love being able to contribute to the awesome culture of SF hacker/artspaces. I negotiated the donation of the long tables with power, the iMac that the library was being tracked upon, and a number of other goods. I LOVE helping people get access to resources they care about / need to be productive / happy / successful. Community. Able to join in informally at whatever level you are at, give and take.

There are a lot of cool tools and resources to work with, the people are

pretty intelligent and say interesting things, minimal conformity bias, really easy to strike up a conversation with random folks.

Interesting people, the sense that someone might invent a time machine at any moment. In short, the atmosphere.

The culture of creativity and openness.

Geeky people to talk to, open generous attitude. Its very existence.

Good intentions that seem to be mostly followed through with action, even when it's something requiring a big commitment like classes that go on for months.

Everyone there is all abOut helping people learn how do do cool things.

It's a space of extraordinary creativity and brilliance! I LOVE IT!!!

Very kind and knowledgeable people, well stocked electronics area with lots of great free bits to use, the shop is great for basic projects.

Anarchy! People doing projects! It is always different as people remake bits of it. Drama. Mike Kahn's rambling genius. Giving tours.

  • The fact that whenever I come there THERE IS FOOD
  • The library is freaking amazing
  • The free and open access anytime
  • It's a great sandbox environment for actual projects

Your openness, your classes, your informational aesthetic, your principles.

Positive energy. People helping other people. Lots of tech knowledge.

Beautiful things happen there. The creators of Word Lens were hacking there a year and a half ago, then they showed a demo to everyone. The Monday Night Soldering events. Five Minutes of Fame.

I love that we don't have any rules, we give keys to newbs, and this shit still works. I love that when there are epic threads on the mailing list which some observers point at and call dysfunction, all of the serious participants in the discussion are actually in agreement about at least one thing: Noisebridge is worthwhile enough to have and defend opinions about.

Hacking on stuff with other brilliant people. Sometimes it's some weird painting stuff, sometimes it's photographic art, sometimes it's reading with some giant poodle, other times it's the people who spontaneously show up and show off their projects.

Noisebridge is seriously great.