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time_t Party[edit]

The Unix time_t reaches 1234567890 this Friday at about 3:30 PM PST. Noisebridge is celebrating with tea (thyme optional), scones, and a variety of time-related lightning talks.


Friday February 13 from 3PM; feel free to show up earlier (but at risk that you may arrive before the first member, unless you are a member).


  • tea
  • thyme tea
  • scones
  • devonshire cream
  • 1234567890 = Fri Feb 13 15:31:30 2009 PST


  • Talks:
    • What is Unix time, anyways?! (aka "In the beginning...") - adi
    • converting between Unix time and boring time - adi
    • Decimal time -- kiloseconds, megaseconds, gigaseconds. - adi
    • Leap seconds and the epoch - User:Schoen
    • the making of thyme tea User:Schoen
    • timezones that time forgot (probably not to happen, alas) User:charliep
    • pareidolia, or Finding Patterns In Everything 'cuz I'm a Homo Sapiens. - User:Schoen
    • The Y2038 problem - adi
    • (add more!)
  • Tea
  • Scones