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We are currently doing To-do-ocracy Thursdays work sessions using Github tasks with reviews during Tuesday meetings.

We could take more inspiration from To-do-ocracy 1.0 which happened mostly at 2169.

Note: This page is for historic purposes only. It does not apply to modern Noisebridge. | Edit


Noisebridgers do-ocratically apply Scrum Agile methodologies to our massive To Do board, running on two week sprints.

Thursday Night Review[edit]

  • Every two weeks on Thursday at 7PM many of us wanting to physically build a better Noisebridge meet up to review the To Do board.
  • We review all the awesome things we completed in the last two weeks (or previous sprint), and then clear them out of the Done list.
  • People at the review volunteer to complete tasks in other lists (otherwise known as backlogs) over the next two weeks (or next sprint), moving these tasks into the To Do list.
  • Tasks (also known as cards in Trello) trickle from the lists (or backlogs) on the right, towards the To Do and Done lists on the left.
  • You can only bring an item up if you're physically there at the review or have gotten a proxy to do it for you, plus you need to assign yourself to the task, no arm chairing please.
  • If a task looks too large to complete in two weeks, it gets broken down into smaller more bite sized tasks so that it can be evenly distributed over the next couple of sprints.
  • Once everyone at the review decides there's enough work in the To Do list, we declare the start of the sprint and then start working on our assigned tasks that night.

During the Sprint[edit]

  • As we complete tasks we move them from To Do to Done.
  • It's acceptable to pull in other tasks mid sprint, however the point is to make an attempt at pulling in the right amount you know you can complete at the review.
  • If we have questions or comments about tasks we can communicate them through each task on the board (@username will notify the person you're talking with them), and we also communicate through #to-do-ocracy on Slack.
  • We repeat this whole process again in two weeks.

This is not a meeting to talk about feelings or process, but instead to talk about what thing you're going to do with your hands at Noisebridge next and then do it. After the review people general get up and start the doing. If you're looking for a meeting to discuss your next event, look for people to help you with your project, have questions pertaining to the non-profit, or are requesting mediation, you might want to check out our more general Tuesday night meetings.

The Board[edit]

The board is hosted on Trello:

If you would like access to the board, please come to a Thursday review and get in #to-do-ocracy on Slack.

We use a couple browser extensions to help us organize and track things easier:



How to run a review[edit]

  1. Move the "Review for next sprint" list to the 3rd list position after "To Do - This Week".
  2. Ask folks to close out their completed cards by moving them form To Do to Done before the start of the review.
  3. Ask folks to move tickets they want to bring up to do over the next two weeks into the "Review for next sprint" list before the start of the review.
  4. Start promptly at 7PM on Thursday.
  5. Project the board on the projector, hand out board URL.
  6. Review all items in the Done list, recognize who did what.
  7. Clear out done list (mouse over a card and press C to archive).
  8. Click the ... menu button in the top right corner of the To Do list and select "Move all cards in this list..." and the select the Review list, all cards should then be moved into the review list.
  9. Starting from the top of the Review for next sprint list start discussing cards to be moved into the To Do list.
  10. If a card isn't ready for the next two weeks, dump it into the backlog most appropriate.
  11. Once you're done with the Review list, declare the start of the sprint and go hack something up.

Things to keep in mind[edit]

  • If the task in a card is bigger than what can be handled in 2 weeks, it should be broken down into smaller cards.
  • Never ever pull an item into the To Do list without someone being assigned to it.
  • Only people willing to volunteer to be assigned to a card should be placed on that card, no arm chairing.
  • If you have a question about something in a card, click on it and leave a comment.
  • You can @name someone in a comment and they'll get a notification.
  • Investigation cards are just as important as the cards where you do something.