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[edit] Who's all going, let's make a list

In attendance today...

  • Rubin
  • Miloh
  • Ben
  • Laura
  • Steve
  • Casey
  • Isis
  • Nathan
  • Nick
  • Brian
  • Hao
  • Gnusosa
  • Jessy (possible)
  • Stew (possible)

On the "list"

  • Rubin110 - Small tent, bike, awesome
  • Miloh
  • Mitch
  • daravinne
  • Jonathan Moore
  • Mrdomino - small tent, can provide transport
  • Snail
  • Brian
  • Zephyr
  • Yesac - small tent.
  • Leif

[edit] Names

  • Noisetropolis
  • E Plurbus Noiseum
  • Noisebah
  • That Loud Place
  • Noisetown
  • Nosevill
  • Noisegrotto
  • The Shirebridge
  • Lulcrain
  • Dramastein
  • Consensopolis
  • Nosebridge
  • Ad Noiseium
  • The Gulf of Noise
  • Noise Reservation
  • Noisenation
  • Nationbridge
  • People's Republic of Nosebridge (PRoN) Winner!

[edit] What are we offering as a camp

[edit] Food?

  • Meals - Folks team up and cook for every once a night Winner
  • Bringing our own food
  • Casey and Ben are heading up the food cooking
  • Kitchen items:
    • 1 big NB burner
    • double colman camping burner, can anyone help with this?
  • Need cleaning area
  • Need cookware

[edit] =Other crap

  • tables steal from NB
  • Some bins for washing stuff
  • Chairs?
  • Grabbing carports from Ardent
  • Miloh has a dome he'll try to get
  • Power cords and strips
  • network gear
  • Audio gear
  • drop cloths
  • rope
  • tarp
  • lights and shit
  • Ben is going to talk with Jake and figure out carpets, if not fuck it.

[edit] Classes and workshops

  • Toor is providing a hardware hack area, we should talk with them if that means that's us
    • Hack area

See above

[edit] electric fence

Miloh is going to be making an electric fence

[edit] Camp layout

  • Kitchen
  • Welcome Pavilion
  • The Tower of Consenso (with lighthouse)
  • Tentlandia
  • Cars

[edit] Camp schedule and jobs

  • Who's driving what
    • Brian is there on the 8th
    • Ben is there on the 8th
    • Casey on the 8th most likely

[edit] Driving

  • Steve Matrix and Mystery machine
  • Miloh is going to find us a rental bus
  • Miloh - Research on flights post the best airfare
  • figure out when people are flying up
  • Post on the wiki when you're going

[edit] Setup

  • Daily moop and trash duty
  • Kitchen
  • Classes and workshops (Not really doing it)
  • Camp strike

[edit] Anymore registration needed with Toor?

  • change our name
  • Number of people and the size of camp and cars and tent

[edit] Things folks should bring for themselves

[edit] Ride shares

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