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Project Name[edit]

Trash Stash


Jarrod Hicks


Create a trash and utility room behind the kitchen

What Will Be Done[edit]

Please see the drawings for further clarification.

File:Noisebridge - Sheet - A503 - Trash Stash.pdf

Clean out the room. Remove the existing open framing. Remove the dishwasher and the cabinetry above it. Open up the Kitchen wall behind the dishwasher. Move the water heater further from the entrance to the room. Install organizational hardware for cleaning equipment. Move trash cans into space. Bonus: Install floor sink for cleaning, filling, and emptying mop buckets.

What Areas in the Space Will This Affect[edit]

Kitchen and the storage room south of it.

Who Will Be Doing It[edit]

Jarrod Hicks and anyone I can convince to help.

Why This Will Be Good[edit]

We can relegate all the trash and cleaning equipment to a place more out of sight. And possibly reduce its visual and olfactory presence in the space. A floor sink would make mopping easier, which may lead to it occurring more often. It would also provide a place to keep more hazardous cleaning away from the dishes. The framing material may be useful for other changes.

Why This Will Be Bad[edit]

The addition of a floor sink is expensive, and pluming and drainage issues are a risk. The room may need to be reframed if the existing framing is providing some sort of structure.

Johny Radio: I suggest the room behind the kitchen is far too potentially useful, due to it's proximity to the kitchen, for projects, such as vinegar making, mushroom growing, other food-hacking projects, storage of large bulk food containers, such as raw coffee beans being brought in by the coffee hackers. I suggest the elevator anteroom (currently used for nothing in particular) is a superior location for storage of large trash bins. For one thing, it's close to the elevator, so trash barrels do not need to be hauled through Noisebridge to get them to the elevator. And, it keeps possible flies and other pests away from the kitchen. The barrels should be enclosed in an air-sealed unit, to prevent infestation.

How Long Will It Take[edit]

Unknown, but closure should not be required.

In A Fantastic World, What Extra Budget Would You Like[edit]

Money for pluming and the sink will be required. If the room doesn't need additional framing, then the rest of the project is demo and throw out work.

Are There Any Other PFAs This Would Work Well With[edit]

The fermentation / Biohacking storage loft.

Are There Any Other PFAs This Would Contradict[edit]

Not currently

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