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Unity's interface lets you build a game and navigate through your scenes smoothly.[edit]

The Unity Basics Tutorial[edit]

Start by reading through the Unity Basics tutorial.

The Unity Basics covers the basic camera controls and how to create and manage projects.

Here are some bare essentials to practice first:

Essential keyboard and mouse controls[edit]

The scene view panel[edit]

Your view of the world inside each scene takes place in the Scene panel.

Orbit camera around focus: Alt-Left click-drag

Focus on an object. Double-click Hierarchy items or select and hit F in scene view[edit]

Every time you work with an object, it is quickest to focus on it so you can rotate around it and zoom in and out.

Minimizing and maximize scene view - SHIFT ENTER[edit]

This is very useful when there are so many panels taking up space in the interface.

Every time you go to actually use the scene view, it is useful to hit SHIFT-ENTER while navigating through it and SHIFT-ENTER again to restore the rest of the interface.