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Upcoming Events at Noisebridge to look forward to and contribute to the planning for. This category makes it easier for attendees and organizers to see all the upcoming events for planning purposes even before they get put on the calendar with final dates/times.
  • CALENDAR: Events has our main calendar including upcoming events.

San Friend Disco[edit]

A musical and visual 7-10 pm afterparty following a Delores Park picnic. Come join us for The Most Event Ever. A joining of Noisebridgers, San Francisco TPOT members, and friends from across the country. The schedule is as follows:

  • 5-7pm: Picnic in Mission Dolores Park
  • 7-8pm: Opening music and Livecoding (creating music visualizations live)
  • 8-9pm: Live DJs
  • 9-10pm: Watch Sukeban Deka to finish off the night

All taking place in the Hackitorium.

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Recurring Annual Events we will likely plan for[edit]

Noisebridge's 14th anniversary weekend, featuring HackComedy, music, Stupid Hackathon 8, and Ludum Dare 50
The Beat Frequency: Oscilator vol 1 is a musical showcase of electronic musicians from Noisebridge Hackerspace.
Five Minutes of Fame: Spread this poster around!
Introduce yourself and meet the community at meetings


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