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I am coming from a northerly direction around April to live in the city. I don't know anyone over there and I am going to need a place to indulge in internet and coffee. You folks look more cool than the Dojo what with the anarchy, so I am interested in becoming a paying member (in the $40/m range.. taint rich). I know I could use a cafe, but It would be awesome to be involved in a community and have access to tools (333ddd pprriinntteerr (drooool)).

About me

My name is Aaron Spooner, I am 24 years old and a dude untainted by standard education of any form (<- ignorance disclaimer). I was an audio engineer for a bit, and the constraints of systems we used inspired me to learn to program to create solutions for fantasies of (delusional) musicians. So a few years later, the musicians are all off doing their thing (dying lonely), and I'm a quarter of the way through each of many interesting books. Now I need something to work on. I still suck at programming but it is now all that I do with my life (and lovin' it!), and I am ready to work really hard on awesome projects of all interesting sorts hardware or software. Especially interested in signal processing, computer vision, computer learning, simulation, and atypical programming paradigms or approaches to problems.

What do I want??

To continue my education by working on cool shit with people. Every day.


Knock, knock, let me in! Please? .. anybody? I swear by my mother and my first born to uphold excellence. I am assuming this will not work and I am going to have to come over there and actually meet some peeps, but I may as well put this up here in preparation and anticipation..

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