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General Interests[edit]

  1. DIY
  2. Open Source advocate
  3. Hardware, Circuits and Embedded systems
  4. New found obsession with Analog electronics
  5. Music of all kinds, seriously all kinds. From Frédéric Chopin to Rage against the Machine, I love to listen to it all
  6. Hacking guitars and making funky noises from them
  7. I also lead Circuit Hacking Mondays from time to time
  8. Reading and Writing about Philosophy. My personal blog

Current Projects[edit]

  1. Stereo Tube Amplifier for a record player
  2. LED Matrix Display for MUNI Next bus times (Like the ones they have at MUNI Bus stops)
  3. Building my personal portfolio website
  4. Planning a class on intro to electronics to teach at Noisebridge. Summer 2014.

Contact Info[edit]

abhishek877 (at) gmail dot com