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First, you should create an account on this wiki, edit your user page to introduce yourself and add a tag to it.

Ok, I got this far.

It looks like that there are many steps to becoming a member. This is the record of my attempts to join noisebridge.

Funny, this reminds me of a radio commercial where the protagonist is lost in one of the big warehouse hardware stores. You can hear the echoes in here too. Kind of spooky. :-) (5/25/14)

About Me[edit]


But enough about me. I'd like to get to know everyone here. Sane and cool people only, the nuts can hang out with the republican party elsewhere.

Creative Projects[edit]

Lots of them, too many to list. Well, they're all in a state of non-completion, but they're all kind of cool. Topics includes electronics, embedded systems, and lots of software. Especially interested in mobile and web development.

Parting shots or snark[edit]

I got none right now. Working on it. :P