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About Me[edit]

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( ⌣́,⌣̀)......."I see what you did there".......(^◡^ )



I am currently a graduating senior at Balboa High Schooland a Unity3D hobbyist. I enjoy make my own games and try to make them whenever I have time. Recently I've been exploring Kinect+Unity3d and hope to prototype a 3D game based on Kinect. I was introduced to computer science last year in my high school and I've been self learning since then. I've attended a few blackthorns and worked on some small projects with my friends using Processing and Unity3D. I heard about HackerSppace from a friend of mine. After watching Mitch's TED Brussels talk,I realized that I can't miss such a great opportunity to meet people who are passionate about computer science and hackings, so I decided that I want to be part of this amazing community !

More About Me!!

Things I love to do:

-playing guitar


-drawing manga or reading manga

-design my own game character

-making my own video games

-working out or wrestling

-read books on philosophy

-going to major in computer engineering!!!

Personal Pages[edit]

Facebook Page:[1]

LinkedIn Page:[2]

My Multiplayer Online Game(Prototype) Screen Shots[edit]