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[edit] About Me

Name: Alex

Skill Set: Web App Programming (PHP, Rails)

Things to learn: basic circuits, interactive hardware, better sewing techniques

[edit] Current Projects

[edit] Party Bot

Goal: A mobile suit with a high powered sound system, interactive LEDs, and a way to sync music across multiple bots.

Current status: A first attempt works, but many elements can be vastly improved upon.

Things to work out:

  1. Create a new set of shoulder/chest armor with integrated wiring, and space for speakers
  2. Create a custom battery pack to evenly distribute weight throughout the chest armor
  3. Figure out how to use raspberry pi to set up a mesh network to sync sound on an ad-hoc network (currently using fm transmitter)
  4. User arduino to control interactive LED lights - and come up with a better way to mount lights

Party bots tahoe.jpg

[edit] Interactive LED Jumpsuit

Goal: Sew 8 leds on each arm, and 12 leds on each leg, hook them up to a mic and display patterns based on sounds.

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