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In spite of having a name "slightly" similar to the Science Guy, I do not know much about making smoke come out of oversized test tubes. Rather, I started in Electrical Engineering as an analog integrated circuit designer, graduated with an advanced degree in the area of CAD for IC design at Berkeley, worked in chip CAD software development for 15 years, then made a career switch that led to the Multimedia Masters program at Cal State East Bay, graduating in 2003. Shortly thereafter, 3 of my 4 thesis group members began a small startup to develop the (offline) interactive motion-based multiplayer HatManDo games (see, which has been at Maker Faire (twice).

I also like Flash Actionscript, PHP, computer-music (eg Reason, ChucK, KeyKit), Max-MSP-Jitter, camera and sensor-based Art projects, and volleyball.

I am interested in collaboration on technically-based art projects, and am currently learning Arduino and AVR programming. I have a Make Controller board (given to me by David and Liam) and a Propeller Starter Kit.