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  • mediation as an optional part of banning process (requires mediation that actually works)
  • de-coupling social issues from tuesday meeting?
  • respect formal processes, why waste time discussing exceptions to consensed rules?
  • member attendance at meetings (introduce them first? signify role call in notes?)
  • we're not social services, maybe we should reach out to them to help with our social problems
    • or at the very least, trick some psychology/sociology/(anthropology?) students into helping
  • resource guide available at the space?
  • like the idea of rooster brigade, automate it, randomize it. make it annoying.
    • remove the conditions that make people think it's ok to treat it as a crash pad
  • big underlying social problem is difficulty in defining what it is to be a hacker
    • need more explicit definitions if you want to enforce it as a defining quality of the space
  • difficulty/annoyance/wasted time when members wander off and come back and need things repeated