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It's a reference to a Toy Dolls song.

Real Name[edit]

Dougie, Doug, Douglas, some variation somewhere in there. I really don't care that much, and try to not take myself too seriously.

Contact Info[edit]

Circuit Bent CRT Oscilloscope[edit]

I want to make these:


I have a proof of concept utilizing a cold plate from a jockey box, some Peltier coolers and a Macintosh Plus case to create as far as I know... the world's first solid state Thermo-Electric Beer Server. It has passed an initial alpha test, but requires some beta testing.

Urban Assault Vehicle[edit]

Stella and I just bought a 1972 Winnebago Brave we in the process of hacking.

  • It of course is requiring some mechanical upkeep, but this vehicle is older by far than the vast majority of NB members and is arguably in better shape.
  • We are installing an EVDO card, WiFi router, new speakers on the inside, KVM mounted to a wall, on board computer for music/movies, PA system outside, lots of lights...
  • We are painting the whole thing matte silver on the outside, medical white on the inside, blackout fabric curtains, lots of fans...
  • We are making a permanent bar in the rear, and maybe install a beer keg and/or absinthe fountain.
  • Basically we are making the best possible place EVAR to hang out at Burning Man during a dust storm.

It's putting the RV back in RIVET

Other Projects/Interests[edit]

  • Homebrewed Beer
  • (Distilling?)
  • Knots and ropework
  • Motorcycles
  • Macs
  • Natural Languages (rusty but decent Spanish, learning German, dabbled with Romanian & Scots Gaelic)


  • I pay the bills as an Apple Certified Trainer, so I teach newbs how to deploy and maintain Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server in various ways, and repair the hardware under warranty. I could teach (of the record, nothing relating to my company or Apple) some of the basics of networking, basic Unix navigation and troubleshooting MOSX systems.
  • I don't claim to be a Unix guru, but I know enough to usually get the job done. If I do end up teaching a basic Unix navigation session, I assume that many of y'all will know more than I do. :)