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First, I want to thank my parents back in Pennsylvania for the Adam Computer - best Christmas ever! Even though the bundled '$500 scholarship' disappeared with the rest of Coleco, I suppose the course had been set. And sorry guys for leaving all those Schaums study guides - at the time I honestly thought they would be useful to someone studying up on fundamentals (but thinking now they probably just added to the pile during the big clean-up).

Anyway, I'm Dow Street. I work on computers - lot of network architecture stuff for most of my 'adult' life, but the last few years I've been doing more web tool development, datavis, etc. In fact, we had one d3 meet up at the space a few years ago that I helped to 'organize', but haven't been over much as of late. Trying to remedy that!

Happy to talk with folks about django, d3, python, machine learning, the exhaustingly plodding pace of innovation at the Internet layer, the gloriously thrilling pace of innovation at the app layer, the complexity of cooperation and aligning incentives for the greater good... or (preferably?) just the general theory of everything.


Public Key[edit]

ssh-dss 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 dowstreet