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Jacob Savage was born in Chicago and moved to Palo Alto when he was six months old after his father got a faculty position at Stanford University. As a young boy, Jacob’s two passions were airplanes and food and by 16 years old, he held the youth world record for gain of altitude in a 1-26 type glider and got his first job as chef at an Indian catering business.

Jacob’s atypical high school life consisted of flying airplanes out of Palo Alto airport, cooking Indian food, and riding along with the local police officers as an Explorer/Cadet.

After graduating high school, Jacob began his college years at University of California at Santa Cruz. Some of his freshman classmates were starting a ska band and asked Jacob to play trumpet in the band. Though Jacob had not picked up his trumpet since middle school, he decided to give it a shot. A long story made short, the ska band catapulted him into the music business he started a music production company (

Then came Draper University and Jacob has pivoted out of the music business into the entrepreneurial world of mental health innovation. Jacob is now the director and co-founder of Concrn, a software company building tools for communities/public safety agencies to more compassionately respond to mental health crises.

He plans to set up a flight simulator at Noisebridge to help spread his passion for aviation. The first step towards setting up the flight simulator is build a high performing computer that can run Microsoft 8. Anyone interested in helping Jacob build this computer should email or call him immediately!

More info at Email: 650-248-1396

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