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Hi there!

I'm a graduate of NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program, a kind of digital media arts/technology studies program.

Before that (in another life) I got an MBA from IESE in Barcelona, and spent 16 years consulting for mostly telecoms companies around the world.

I am interested in video art and installations, and also have a thriving sideline in handmade electronic musical instruments.

My website has info on this and other things.

RSA SSH public key[edit | edit source]

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABJQAAAIBqzc/peQ1usGZu/5Fb1AdYdUhtxBgEzzbTtryF5zvebUL7Ry6wkYOF5GNYrAKzPeHmhVfJDlE8RJ4age++Bwk5P9SOzqk5B+zSau5D3wVk7m1SDt1v+LQWlmJ9zceVuWEaSWgPiAFpVu1HkCjz151nzjT6VWwSf+sj9ADNZtOogw==

/etc/passwd entry[edit | edit source]

$ sudo adduser --gecos 'Gian Pablo Villamil' --shell /bin/bash gpvillamil