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Contact me for Maker Faire 2015 -

I am a Designer and Maker. I believe that Noisebridge's mission to provide infrastructure for technical/creative projects to the local community is important, and one that I can proudly support. I am happy that Noisebridge exists and thankful for the opportunity to contribute to, and benefit from, it.

I also tend to spend my time work in and on the shop.

This is my most recent project in the space.

Maker Faire 2015 (in progress, you can come help)

Previous projects, documented on the wiki:

Kitchen Prep Table

Concrete Stove (After the stove was broken, this became the sink)

Previous major projects I made at Noisebridge are located on my site:

== SSH Public Key =+

ssh-dss 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 hicksu@gmail

[edit] add user

adduser --gecos 'Jarrod Hicks' --shell /bin/bash hicksu

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