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Software hacker (C, C++), Hardware hacker (mostly general digital electronics, Atmel microcontrollers, next step will be FPGAs). Have a CNC machine at home operating with my own motor controller software A little bit of woodworking (building my own furniture).

Espresso addict.

I like to play with LEDs
like writing this rpi-rgb-led-matrix software to control cheap RGB LED matrices with the Raspberry Pi (
.. or was involved in the award winning Noisebridge Flaschen_Taschen (Code here)
.. or the resulting code and PCB to control up to 16 SPI RGB LED strips.

One of my current projects is to build a controller for 3D printers, CNC machines and laser cutters: The BeagleG software and a cape for the Beaglebone Black.

Useful for making PCBs is my LDGraphy project. There is also of a video of it in action.

For Noisebridge I made the RFID reader system that gets you into Noisebridge. Also a running Noisebridge project is the electronic parts organization tool:

Here are some pictures I took at the Noisebridge Toorcamp tour 2012

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