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No, the OTHER jake. Not the famous one.
or email jake at spaz pünct org

I am a Member of Noisebridge. I have a page where I keep PGP-signed statements of endorsement of people applying to be Associate Members or Members of noisebridge, but I have started endorsing people with a simple link to my user page out of laziness. If you want to discuss or confirm my endorsement of someone please contact me by email or on irc right away.

I have been coming to noisebridge since 83C when the silver microwave was dragged in off the street. My friend repaired it. Now it's broken again and it might need a new magnetron. I might turn it into a large vacuum-tube amplifier. It was then sabotaged by Jesse Z. to discourage use of the kitchen, and then it was thrown away.

There are some posts by me on the noisebridge-discuss list.
I started several wiki pages, including Noise-Bot (MCHawking the robot wheelchair), NoiseLand (let's buy a farm together), and WeKnow (the collective knowledge of the noisebridge community in question and answer form).
At Noisebridge, I know where things are, and try to know who's around.
I made a microscope camera with Mike which outputs to composite video, so everyone can see the tiny solder joints you're doing (and so can you)

PGP key 4096R/E0492075


ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaD1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAsjGZA6vky96IFpxD0j5S/KnC+rivRR2YP2HYi6TK1hhAYLcqG1Y1KqljiTtILXpypOD5Wfeo3Wk0JGhLnUcydC3GCYTNtTTrdIfSxocQUJYu81fyKGqA/fnawHBwzUXD8AXGZprLcRNOfO6M8OWdkX6oQtcDx3Swc8w/NgI7pFSLKn7GqgtHJLoa6qWTX8Zah0YiS5nIwL6404dEahAcVc25j088w0f6BUkD972G1nW4/rKWIsqrEbsvcHq9S0wanoaiOQW/6ZIkfQWhqQneC/z5ucVMoLteozkiuUvtdMVlseZhKvBsSjDgdV1AKKmvPUp9sCRFTMcccPZ8yHccPw== possum@awesome.local

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2FAAAADAQABAAAAgQDXsfW0Mn9qgvBdT7wWbV2bTnSnFXEoPDuwLQbVbm/VdSy9EaLXj8OHI0beYeLtknFPJR1E5uewj3bOd+IjgRvF4TcNxa0wbhdDRP7JXJF+g0j5fFDIFq1rZBg6yomMmjWFC4QDfbJlXHhBITxN0XcvU1zdhnXbYPx73C4tdw9Whw== fjmd

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQA2AAABAQCekd/StBnr6hyiNKKdhGmlLQmZzEAgBaede2cqVugZIRU38jJ8hG73PmBkbjfQLE6JH0kWE84IdF+sMl0hZyXK4iPRK5pVnIIVRWJePhsgKVVIX+lZXnPNvKzQvBexpS8wjW1pclR9vzJiGTBumn973kqUxgKl9Wulm2w1i8KaUD8G+zBGMAbPebhN+DOZnRZjf7PnxwSo4JnYkWQA/t7gS+sCRP8t+0Xjiq777S9ilVhGP8+gkYzgDh2naFRoApktLK9bhw7jNnN/y/39sdYnlrC0Pl/sc1O/uWsbfpFgyKFqsPXFbH6b0evo2wMhIF5NlEzZzXaLBlkIlFkcnBd3 thin@x6
==adduser stanza==
 # adduser --shell /bin/bash --uid 31337 --gecos 'Jake' jake