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Jake's Arduino knowledge page[edit]

To contact me you can go to my user page at User:Jake

I know how to use an Arduino, and i put some questions and answers on the WeKnow page about the topic.

On 3/16/2012 I scored 100% on the Arduino quiz, which was easy because I wrote it.

My projects (sometimes working with cohorts) using Arduinos have included

  • Nuclear Analyzer
  • MIDI sequencer
  • electric tricycle motor controller
  • pedal power voltmeter
  • pedal power overvoltage protection system
  • electric wheelchair robot motor control interface
  • electric wheelchair robot battery protection system
  • analog joystick to serial data converter
  • payphone keypad to serial terminal interface
  • humidistat for a mushroom closet using an SHT15
  • radiation detector which plays MIDI music (kosmophone)
  • neon light for a bicycle with lithium-ion battery pack
  • wireless MIDI triggering device
  • FM radio exciter PLL interface with LCD readout
  • coming soon: DIY TIG welder made from server power supply