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Me[edit | edit source]

I work in the software side of things, specializing in web development in Rails, web search in Nutch, playing with large datasets in Hadoop, app & systems integration with NetKernel & JMS.

I've been a member of Noisebridge for a year or so, but I've not around the space that much lately.

My Noisebridge Projects[edit | edit source]

Cassette Tape Mashup Box[edit | edit source]

I'm working on hacking up 5-10 of the donated Walkmen so that they can be controlled via circuitry. So far I have 5 of them that I can play/stop and control speed via pots and switches on a beardboard. I recently got an Arduino, so my next steps will be to wire it to control all five Walkmen and eliminate the beadboard/pots/switches in favor of Ardunio sketches. I'm learning a lot about circuitry (and now Arduinos) for this project, so its mostly about the learning along the way not really the final product.

My Member Shelf[edit | edit source]

If you face down the aisle between the member shelves with your back to the Mission St windows, then my shelf is located on the thirdish rack of shelves on your right around eye level. It contains all my NB project stuff in a white, translucent plastic bin with greyish(?) opaque, flappy lid. My shelf, bin, and contents are all labelled with my name. If anyone needs to docratically relocate my shelf/bin for any reason, please update this section with its new home.

My Noisebridge Interests[edit | edit source]

Things I'm currently active in:

Things I'm into on and off:

Things I want to learn:

Things I want to check out:

Things I want to help with: