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Generally, i like to help out with the infrastructure at 2169 mission. i'm most often available during weekdays during work hours, while the employed are busy in their cubicles. i'd love to coordinate with anyone who's willing to help with network cabling (including putting up pipes for routing wires), the library bookshelves, and improving the storage room (has various cables and materials for networking and other stuff).

at some point the "dirty workshop" will have an organized set of screws, bolts, nuts, and other construction fittings, and when that seems stable, i hope to move similar materials from the storage room to the "dirty workshop". Until then, however, the screws in the storage room should remain there because they've been purchased with funds for electrical work and there are no more funds to replace any screws that are used for other, non-electrical projects.

anything you want an extra hand with, ask via email (at bottom): note i'm rarely at NB during evenings or weekend days, though i can adjust if we coordinate ahead of time.

20150826 : i will occasionally work with the library-wg to help identify particularly good books on computer technologies. (i have worked as a writer and editor for Whole Earth, The Waite Group, and computer software companies such as NeXT, Pixera Camera, FaceTime, mainly docs for developers and system administrators; i have taught programming to adults for about ten years--C, assembler, Python, Perl...; i worked as a Unix system administrator for the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit).

i am interested in helping people learn American English and have done so informally, concentrating on the 500 most common words with an emphasis on pronounciation, particularly vowels.

i am interested in representational state transfer and RAML. i have a couple of internet-accessible hosts that i can practice on, if only i can find someone who wants to share the learning (or flat out teach me).

My public rsa key is

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAxjLBaetVbD0GOPq0z0wAf5fgaBK8RX4RGqu7zdiPHLy/qcr48y9lY3pvRwN2efqJa5IdQZpEDwoQw0XmVnNDs82XSrp6JkVQox89RUPTLwTnyfA/0frFN3VIiaRPLhfvEmmyoohdLkTINSArrGQTXlKN6gHJijenKrG7MvSdO0Ht+vB0l8b3lO+JF8vwwNucFAbEMVvQNO1b4yXC65gOOfzHRxrolhc/bON2GjaFVyrqxbcxkGgJdlhXct52dsOy6N1NJYzCmuIObF4/JsJCXFBZ9vsSFmV0PLKzSJhejp4/2mZLFOQJ7s4GEpoxqaLo2YK8gy1jkDmGStB/y8GBkw==