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Jimgress (aka James Tiberius Burke) is a maker from Chicago IL, moving to California in March of 2014.

- Founding member of hackerspace Pumping station: One in Chicago
- the 2010 & 2011 Director al Largo at Pumping Station: One.
- Creator of the Power Racing Series
- regular attendee of Maker Faire (all of them, all the time)
- Current Graphic Designer at Make Magazine
- Lover of bikes, burgers and beer
- I'm interested in serving on the board and do awesome shit

Things Jim Does Well:
-I've visted over 40 hackerspaces, friends with several dozen of them (ask me about community development between hackerspaces!)
-Rallies troops and can occasionally get shit done
-Sometimes draws and does art stuff
-dreams big
-vast knowledge in useless shit. Like television, Tesla, and Formula 1

Things Jim Does Horribly:
-obtuse use of "jazz hands"
-does things on time
-understands things that are not Iconic television show tropes
-mechanical engineering
-ending on a high note


  1. Creativetaboo
  2. Madcap
  3. Mitch
  4. Jimgress offers over 9000 Bitcoin's to the N0 Hat. The N0 Hat sponcers Jimgress for associate membership in Noisebridge.

( ⌣́,⌣̀)......."I see what you did there".......(^◡^ )