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To contact me:

  • Slack is best.
  • DM/Email via TODO fix
  • or, Discord: @mcint in noisebridge server.

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My Involvement[edit]

  • All links here



  • /SHED 2023. Helping Daniel build the next version of SHED. Has gotten me thinking about /Project Derisking, how to keep projects from sucking up more and more hours.
  • /Projects/Member_system. Centralized member management.
  • /WikiMaxxing - making more extensive use of the wiki. Introducing others to it, and encouraging them to share & think here and there
  • /Hardware Hacking Kit - kit that I want to build out & have. Additional notes including recommendations for others, and my researched, rejected approaches.

Wiki Changes[edit]

Check out my /WikiMaxxing page for more about how to use the wiki, possible improvements, and what's been done already.

Personal Customizations[edit]

/common.css, /common.js, /global.css, /global.js, and /vector-2022.css.

QR Code Demo[edit]

Here's the new QR codes (and also some styling of the URL#fragment link target). Go wild!


View/include the link nearby

It's nice to include the text of the link, e.g. <br>{{fullurl:{{FULLPAGENAMEE}}}} on a near the image, for browsing & for printing,

See "QRLite" on this wiki Special:Version#mw-version-ext, documented at mw:Extension:QRLite, or in source at gh:gesinn-it/QRLite.

Space Governance[edit]

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