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To contact me:

  • Active on Discord: @mcint in noisebridge server.
  • Slack is preferred for finance duties or high-context discussions.
  • DM/Email via TODO fix
  • on-wiki:
  • snippets:
    • {{#qrlite:|format=png|size=5|margin=0}} -- {{fullurl:{{FULLPAGENAMEE}}}}
    • {|class="wikitable" | {{#qrlite:|format=png|size=5|margin=0}} |- | |}
    • <div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed">...</div>
    • <div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed">[visible]<span class="mw-collapsible-content">[hidden]</span></div>

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Contact Information[edit | edit source]

/Add Links. Todo for User:Mcint

Things I Do[edit | edit source]

See my Subpages[edit | edit source]

Noisebridge[edit | edit source]

Projects[edit | edit source]

  • /SHED 2023. Helping Daniel build the next version of SHED. Has gotten me thinking about /Project Derisking, how to keep projects from sucking up more and more hours.
  • /Projects/Member_system. Centralized member management.
  • /WikiMaxxing - making more extensive use of the wiki. Introducing others to it, and encouraging them to share & think here and there
  • /Hardware Hacking Kit - kit that I want to build out & have. Additional notes including recommendations for others, and my researched, rejected approaches.

Work in Progress (WIP)[edit | edit source]

Space Governance[edit | edit source]

Amusing[edit | edit source]

"Persons attempting to find a motive in this narrative will be prosecuted; persons attempting to find a moral in it will be banished; persons attempting to find a plot will be shot."

Advice[edit | edit source]

  • If you want the community to see your documents, your writing, your ideas, then
    • Post in discord and slack, and talk about it in the space!
  • If you want the community to build atop your ideas, you want your ideas to serve as a foundation for what comes next, then...
    • Upload full text to the wiki!
    • Include dates, at least a year, if not a year and month, in your document title. There are years of cruft, other's attempts to do the same. Much of which you're building on, and much more of which is forgotten by the wayside. If you want to contribute in lasting ways, contribute in ways that invite others to contribute, in ways that help the game we play grow, invite more fun.

Wiki[edit | edit source]

Wiki Utilization[edit | edit source]

Check out my /WikiMaxxing page for more about how to use the wiki, possible improvements, and what's been done already.

Personal Customizations[edit | edit source]

/common.css, /common.js, /global.css, /global.js, and /vector-2022.css.

Markdown conversion[edit | edit source]

You can convert from markdown to mediawiki, pretty well, in an automated way, on the web, with:

QR Code Demo[edit | edit source]

Here's a demo of the new QR Codes support, folded away behind [Expand], including some styling of the URL#fragment link target. Go wild!


View/include the link nearby

It's nice to include the text of the link, e.g. <br>{{fullurl:{{FULLPAGENAMEE}}}} on a near the image, for browsing & for printing,

See "QRLite" on this wiki Special:Version#mw-version-ext, documented at mw:Extension:QRLite, or in source at gh:gesinn-it/QRLite.

QR Code: Example with table[edit | edit source]
| {{#qrlite:|format=png|size=5|margin=0}}

Collapsible Divs[edit | edit source]

 <div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed">...</div>

You can fold things away

by default. Best used for things not critical to a page, that most visitors don’t need to see.

  <div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed">[visible]<span class="mw-collapsible-content">[hidden]</span></div>

See more at User:Mcint/WikiMaxxing#Collapsible.

Collapsed QRs[edit | edit source]

[visible “QR code”][hidden]
  <div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed">[visible “QR code”]<span class="mw-collapsible-content">[hidden] {{#qrlite:|format=png|size=5|margin=0}}</span></div>

WikiMaxxing[edit | edit source]

I'm on-boarding myself to more extensive wiki use. I've come across some features on Wikipedia that make it more a of delight to use and navigate. I'd like to document those features here (separated, or tagged by reader vs. editor benefitting), and encourage others to try them out.

It begins, I've created a category: Category:Wiki/Project/Maxxing, to track and proselytize approaches to wiki structuring I've found.

Check out my /WikiMaxxing page for more about how to use the wiki, possible improvements (e.g. extensions, user scripts), and what's been done already.

Hidden Gems[edit | edit source]

Amusing/Self-updating variants[edit | edit source]

  • All links here

Guestbook[edit | edit source]

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