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I am a *-libertarian into squatting, dumpster diving, traveller type that usually smells like Mt. Sutro eucalyptus forest where I camp every night (sorry to hay fever sufferers).

Work: I formerly worked as a Graphic Designer at start-ups, learned PHP/Mysql worked at other startups doing coding. Recently went to school and studied Java, Ruby, C++, Unix Shell, Perl and a bit of Python. I code in HTML5/CSS/Javascript on Node.js servers these days and also code Objective-C for both my transit app and game development using the new SpriteKit Framework by Apple.


  •, "Busr: Smart Way Finding in Transit" is an open source project that allows people to view transit info for where they are if there is open API coverage for where they are by the local transit agencies. It is also a way to study urban traffic in preparation for building self-driving mapping systems. The web platform is Node.js/HTML5, the apps are in Objective-C (iOS) and Java (Android), native apps aren't necessary for this project but fun to hack, a design from a mobile first paradigm.
  • BiPod: is a living module that I am designing so that homeless street kids can have a mobile living pod. You may see me in the wood shop testing concepts.
  • "Reindeer's Revenge" is an iOS SpritetKit game in development where the Deer hunt the hunters. All hand rendered artwork in this game, no Computer Generated Images, except for some special effects.

Although mostly freegan, i work as a cook at a fancy wine tasting place twice a week so you may see me in the Kitchen fixing up some communal meals from time to time.

I am brand new to the space as of 11/21/2013.

Sex/Gender: I am a biological male in terms of sexual organs. I identify my gender as "Eunuch" which is a historical category for 3rd gendered people, I do not view myself as either male or female but a mixture of both. I like calling on masculinity at times and femininity at times. I am a strongly attracted to biological males in terms of sexuality (Kinsey Scale 5.7).

Health: I love working out, jogging and swimming. I suffer from complex PTSD which is consequence of trauma from military service and just living in the world. Stop the Violence, Stop the Hate.

Hope to see you around!

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