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Neha is a writer, artist, activist and longtime system security "enthusiast". She has over 15 yrs of experience as a network security architect, wearing many hats and engaging many infrastructure disciplines along the way. She has designed and deployed secure network solutions for a variety of applications including metro transit ticketing and billing systems, global natural disaster emergency communication nets, scientific research environments and high-capacity enterprise networks. She currently serves as a professional pen-tester and network security analyst in the PCI DSS compliance-space.

Neha cut her teeth on X.25 PADs, Livingston routers, Token Ring, AMPS/NAMPS, TL1, F, SmallTalk, DEC Unix, Dynix, SunOS 4, Athena Clusters, TRW swap meets and molecular sieves. Her current interests include network protocol analysis, binary instrumentation and fuzzing frameworks, the FreeBSD kernel, radiophones, most CCS7-based services, global satellite networks, graffiti art, Python, psychedelic trance, punk, german industrial, electronic music production, Djing, cooking, gardening and Flamenco.