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Kristian Erik Hermansen

+/'\ <-- "more cowbell" --> khermans on IRC

i'm a generalist -- i get off on showing people what they can do with Linux. I also dabble in security ... i like ellipses ...

... once upon a time some people knew me as 'netsniper', and since this is a "hacker" space, I figure I should reclaim the old alias

i fun hacked THC and van hauser one weekend, and vh lambasted me for hacking from ubuntu ... lol ;-) THC hack

some acquaintances of the past include yawn, jellyfish, silent, djfyber, phzero, pegasus, wick, and setient ... and more recently shardy, phar, b9punk, benk, and many of the HOPE/Defcon/BlackHat crew

I am here to have fun, learn, teach, meet people, and am very interested in watching the social dynamic of this group develop and how it accomplishes ojectives and goals. It it quite interesting to study the actions of groups and its members and how they react to certain factors...

i am a corporate whore now: My Professional LinkedIn Profile