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Hello! My name's Naomi. I became a Noisebridge member on August 25, 2009

The important stuff:


1. HackerspaceCommunityDynamics

2. SecWG

3. CommunityWorkingGroup.

I came up with the FractalWorkingGroup concept which has been so far a success in that we haven't had a single meeting yet.

FOSS projects in Python:

Tech I like to use:

  • AMQP
  • liquidsoap + icecast
  • Asterisk PBX
  • Raspberry Pi

Streaming Radios I Host

Here are some radios I host.

Live studios:

Mutiny Radio


Feliz Navidad Forever

Radio Loki

I use liquidsoap to sculpt the station, Python to wrap it, and icecast to stream it.

Voluntary Public Embarrassment

Public Keys

My public RSA key.

/etc/passwd entry

$ sudo adduser --gecos 'Naomi Most' --shell /bin/bash nthmost