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I'm between jobs, as they say, looking for general editing work or doing editing and writing about science and technology. I have worked in Silicon Valley as a technical writer for NEC America, Valid Logic and Daisy Systems (the Electronic Design Automation field). I have also done freelance writing for the Materials Research Society ([1]), and I recently edited an article for Springer Science.

Hobbies: writing and creative writing, reading, bicycling, dance (Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing), hiking, cooking, meditation and related spirituality. I write about materials science, science, NASA and space, technology and computers, spirituality, and family, with a little poetic/alchemical flair thrown into the mix.

My writing: I write about materials science, science, technology, and spirituality. Materials science deals with the chemistry, physics, and mechanics of materials such as metal alloys, glasses, ceramics, and textiles. I am especially interested in constructing metaphors that bridge the humanities and the sciences. For example, What are the human analogues to ductility and malleability? Where is the line between the materials we invent and the ways in which we are shaped by our materials? How do materials shape the human condition?