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Projects[edit | edit source]


  • Various pieces of furniture including
    • A bridge-inspired desk made of 1x2s and 3mm ply
    • A coffee table
    • A planter that hangs from my window and inside which everything I plant dies
    • A garbage sorting stand
    • Various shelves projects
  • The body of an electric guitar
  • [In progress] Designing a recumbent electric motorcycle frame made of plywood


  • eBike
    • Converted from a road bike
    • Added a motorcycle headlight
    • Added a front disk brake
    • Added directional blinkers
    • Added an anti-theft alarm
  • LED picture frame
  • Electric guitar


  • Fixed up various pants that had holes in them
  • Taylored a shirt to myself
    • Made it too tight
    • Tore the stitches and did it again
  • Reinforced my crack climbing gloves
  • Sewed a tarzan costume for a party out of vinyl leather

About me[edit | edit source]

1998, from Cuneo, Italy, proud nerd, music & sports enthusiast, love to discuss politics, looking forward to my first burn.

Contact[edit | edit source]

  • NB Slack: @PangalacticGB
  • NB Discord @pangalacticgb