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I cannot let my boobs hang down by their own for more than a minute before their weight becomes painful, let alone walking, the swinging pull is much worse. At home I'm always carrying them and wearing support tank tops that prevent them from going all the way down. For taking showers I rest them on my legs or have them always in my arm for morning routine... kinda sucks :-/

Very late bloomer myself. I had pretty small boobs until I was 19, then they ballooned to G cups and stayed there for some years and then another spurt got them giant in my mid 20s.

Personally, I stopped being able to hang around braless a few years ago that boobs are too heavy, so can't do it even at home, let alone outside. Even if the weight wasn't an issue, they just reach far down too low, my underboob would be hanging out of the bottom of tshirts, so yeah.. not an option :-/

I have thin legs and no ass, narrow hips and barely any waist... it's just the boobs hanging from an otherwise unamusing body.

Weight gains, go to my face, midriff and only after a lot of gains my ass gets them, but of course all that after the boobs got huger.

I understand that my boobs are unusual out there, so even if I don't like it, I know people will look even if they are not into them, and from the faces I've seen it is not like 100% men actually find boobs so big attractive.

Anyway, my first thought is a hope that they're looking at my boobs and not at "me". Fine, look at a couple of seconds, get surprised, please avoid telling your buddies, you can tell them later but please don't increase the number of eyes pointing at me.

You can think whatever you want after, I don't want to know, like it, hate it, be surprised, I don't care. but you got your glance and I need to carry with life.

Noisebridge is different because I know these people, I know they are fine humans and I understand that my boobs will be in the panorama several times a day, so I understand that they look and then continue doing what we need to do, but it's never an ogle and never as to have to snap them back into work.

When I was younger I longed to have really big boobs, and I loved the idea of curvy busty women, I wanted to be one of them. I am not sure where this came from, probably from the patriarchal image of buxom women being preferred by men or something like that. I liked the power that busty women on TV seemed to have. Still it was very very rare to see a busty women on tv, and then she was probably somewhere around a 32F cup or so.

I had mild body issues about being flat chested, but never brought it to my mom. I think the boob topic wasn't really touched through my teens since I didn't really have boobs and my mom always had pancake flat boobs, which were once "full and bountyful" as she says.

I don't recall any particular role model, but just the hollywood of the moment, I do remember going online and looking at some busty model here and there and even stuffing my bra/tshirt to pretend I had boobs.

When I finally got them I was thrilled and I felt "womanly" like I never had before, I was a tomboy but it took me one minute to suddenly feel proud of my new "curves" (really only boobs and small waist/butt) because I finally was what I wanted, which again.. probably came from some men's idea of what "hot women" should be.

Now, I'm much older, just hit 30 and I look back and chuckle, of course I know much better now about it all, but I don't really blame myself for the feelings I had when I was younger, maybe I was a victim of it all?

For me it it started happening after I passed the JJ/K cup threshold. It started to become uncomfortable before but at that point the tension in my .. uhmm... "inner boob ligaments?" started to cause dull ache.

Today I cannot let my boobs support their own weight for more than a few seconds, minute tops and it already hurts, is a problem trying to shower or just wanting to lounge free :-/

At home I always wear some kind of support and on top of that always sort of hugging, holding my chest as I go about.

When I was smaller chested I always wanted boobs, and sure that insecurity dragged when I had boyfriends, but it wasn't a huge issue, they were nice to me.

Later, I grew "big boobs", but not a troubling size yet, and I also had a partner who liked my boobs and I also liked my boobs so it was all great, he was a boob man, I was a boob woman, we had great fun with them and still I didn't feel really "used" because things worked out well back then.

After that, my boobs grew bigger and biggerer and I started to feel more conscious about them, and more and more they are impossible to miss. It's evident that I have giant boobs and if you approach me, you aren't ignoring them or unaware of them by any means (unless online or literally blind).

There's been many reasons I haven't had a partner lately, one is that conflict of me wanting someone that enjoys big boobs, but also not only that. And, by definition if you approach me, huge boobs are first on your list for sure, and that's troubling.

Later, I loved my boobs when they were smaller, I still love them now, but I don't feel as confident to be seen or proud to flash anyone. Boob insecurities also come in place of them being too big and saggy.

On top of that, I'm not even sure how mechanics with boobs this big would work without them rolling on my face and suffocating me or me having to constantly try and hold them.

I was very small chested all throughout my teens, my mom had some boobage and I developed kind of a boob obsession, looking at pictures, reading, wishing for them, even stuffed my shirt at home when I was alone just to get a feel of what it was like to be big boobed.

My best friend in uni had large boobs and she learned that about me, and she was super understanding and let me indulge in all the big boob curiosity I had.

Until later, my own boobs started to blossom and boy was I thrilled, for a few years I would flaunt them and wear cleavage or tight clothing... but somehow I was still envious of women with other "shape" of breasts. You see, mine were always low hanging and very narrow rooted, which made cleavages very difficult even back then (and impossible now). When removing my bra my boobs always hung rather low and my friend's were big and perky.

Fast forward 10 cup sizes to present, well now I'm not envious of anybody my size, but I regret never having perky boobs and the fact they're so pendulous is something I cannot get past by :(

When I was 19 I was wearing A cups (32, 34 band) and then when I was 20 they grew to what was probably a 30G (but I was wearing 34DDs), it happened in less than a year.

After that I had slow continuous growth a few more years then halted then another spurt in when I was around 25 and things got out of control.

I am just like you, I always had droppy boobs, it's just the shape of my boobs, I saw others boobs similar volume online and they were much perkier, but I just had low hanging boobs with lots of fold. It still bothers me a lot, although I'm in a whole different range now, but yeah the low hanginess has me always self conscious.

I was myself quite a bit of a boob woman and I always wanted that the guy I find is a boob guy, in a way that he's curious and loves to play with my boobs like I would.

But also, not put my boobs before me and ignore the rest of me. The experiences you shared are really sad to hear :( sorry you went through that. It would seem extremely difficult to find the right balance between men that aren't boob men and only pay attention to them during intimacy vs fetishists :(

I grew late actually, I was considered "flat chested" or very small boobs until I was 19, then they ballooned to maybe G cups in a year or so, and then it was different growth spurts more than continued growing that got me to where I'm at.

I actually enjoyed it quite a bit, when it first started since I longed for big boobs and they stopped right when I started to get concerned, so that one was all great.

they're past my bellybutton too and it definitely makes me feel weird about it.

There are no ways of "not sag" your boobs other than always wearing some kind of support in the house, or resort to surgery.

So last night, thinking about how my boobs were pinning me, I decided to go on the carpet lay on my back with my boobs each on my side and tried to do a sit up, just like in PE class, and it as a moot attempt, much worse if I had my boobs over my arms doing the chest hug they teach you to do, nothing.. just my heck moving up.

This is for sure a combination of my weak back, not doing any kind of sportsy activity in over a decade, desk job and maybe just mayyyybe one little extra detail: Literally 15lbs of extra meat that just loooove being as close to the ground as they can get even if it's me in between.

So if you find me on the floor in my back, please first roll me to my side to help me get up, thankyouverymuch

I also got boobs very late in my 20s and I also always wanted bigger boobs, for me it was mostly my circle of friends joking about it constantly, but I enjoyed my new figure for a while. I kept on bad bras because I ws uninformed so the price hit wasn't terrible for me, just having to buy bigger ones, but was part of the excitement.

Once your boobs stabilize and your wardrobe has adjusted (after going through some suffering) you may end up liking the boobs you wanted learn how to drive them :)

I constantly have back pain because of very large and heavy boobs (28LL uk sizes) and it is hard to keep good posture because even in good bras the weight is just much for the upper torso to carry.

I tried doing some core exercises to help, but my back just starts to hurt more and when my muscles are sore from the exercise it is even worse to walk around or stand straight.

I also dislike the beach now, and it is in big part because my lack of confidence and managing boobs this size. It started many sizes ago that I gradually started enjoying it less and less and now I just never go to any kind of water place. I don't miss it though, so I don't feel bad about not enjoying it, but it has been a change that's happened and the boob impossibility is big part of it.

I wore an ill fitting 34A/32B through school, was probably more of a 28D back then, but still itty bittys.

It was not until I turned 19 that my boobs started to grow and went up to G cups in about 3 years. Then they settled for a few more years until I finished university and then grew again slowly until I was maybe HH/J cup and then they ballooned in 2 years to my current size. I'll be turning 30 this year and they're still changing it seems, although more in shape/hang than size, unsure.

I certainly don't know what causes it, my dr also does not know, it may just be genetics/hormones/age. I was a late bloomer and even though I always wanted big boobs and I had them and I enjoyed it, then, I didn't think they'd get so big. The larger you get the bigger the cons.

I also got my period at 12, but I didn't get the curves until my 20s :P well just the boobs really, I never really got legs or ass.

Mine were never self supporting, even since the beginning mine were always rather low hanging, pencils were easily fitting down there when they started developing

I didn't get big boobs until I was around 20 so I didn't get boob attention before that, and for the first years I really liked flaunting them and the attention I got, but a some years after that as they started to become too big I started to get conscious about them and found them less fun since I could not show them off and I didn't feel comfortable with how low they looked naked (still don't), and I think that happened at a point I started having more serious jobs so I always downplayed them to be more "professional", and maybe also grew more as an adult so that I started to hide them and changed completely on how I felt about them.