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meta <at> c-base <dot> org

facebook/twitter: metavolution

I met Mitch at CCC-Hackerspace in Berlin back in the early decade,
and like playing with OpenEEG Neuroheadsets and Mind-Machines:

~mV | MetaVolutioN | AndreasS

discordian special-forces wizard-class post-apocalyptic-survival mind-hacker code-design-guru
tantric-kungfu-dao-monk mobile-electronics-repair-art visionary-maker inspiration-distributer chaos-angel


Nature/Life-sciences, Science & Technology, Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Biology, Psychology, Philosophy, Music, Art, Culture, Languages, Communication, Aritificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Aeronautics and Spaceflight, Gliding, Sailing, Snowboard, Meditation, Yoga, TaiChi, KungFu, Hypnosis, NLP, Magick, Tarot, Transhumanism, Future Technology, Intelligent networked House, intelligent Living, Smart Environments, Brain-Computer Interface, Neurofeedback-Software, Mind-Control/Mobile-Games