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It will never get easier than "right now" to move from to a new domain.

As each piece of new information is added to, moving domains becomes more difficult.

  1. A new domain: <insert domain> will be purchased and owned by noisebridge.
  2. An email account needs to be associated with noisebridge for domain ownership. <account>@<provider>.<tld>
    1. This account should not be associated with, though temporary association during the transition is OK.
    2. This account should be some kind of generic external account with a password / recovery credentials distributed, perhaps using Shamir's Secret Sharing or similar.
  3. A migration strategy is required:
    1. A long period of time will be required to fully migrate
    2. All incoming emails to all aliases require changing
    3. contact information for all critical and important accounts need updating
    4. email dependent architecture like the lists require updating
  4. aliases and forwarding from the old domain can sit in place until such a time that domain no longer works.
  5. include acquiring other, similar and useful domains e.g.