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I like to do things, build stuff and learn and hack stuff.

I encourage collaboration between Noisebridge and SudoRoom.


[edit] Personal Philosophy

I go to hackerspaces because I love hacking stuff and making things.

In the past, I wasn't really doing this all that much. I felt I was doing a lot of performance art to help various cool people instead. Unfortunately my skill set hasn't primarily been performance art, it's mostly been hacking and making things. There are dozens of unfinished Noisebridge and SudoRoom projects on my wiki and the githubs. I'd like to focus on that, because it is more personally fulfilling, creative and collaborative.

That being said, one of my current SudoRoom projects combining the above skill sets is my pretty material learning box. As I recently wrote on the Discuss list, maybe such an education kit can work for Noisebridge as well??

[edit] Noisebridge Projects

I'm working on these

[edit] Current Projects

[edit] Upcoming Noisebridge Projects

[edit] Hello!

If I'm wearing headphones it usually means I'm concentrating. Don't be offended if I don't want to talk. I prefer doing stuff to listening to a lot of long speeches, presentations, etc.

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