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Public Profile on LinkedIn (a work in progress.)

I add to wikis. Search around for insight to things that have interested me. Good luck finding all my aliases.

In my youth, my homes weree hacker spaces (using the contemporary definition of this word.) My parents met at a young age when they were assigned a shared locker in a UCLA chemistry laboratory. Later in life they taught Science & Chemistry in LA County and Papua New Guinea. From birth I was nurtured and rarely felt forced to learn things that did not interest me. Growing up was hard as I was interested in way to much to master any of it. My incomplete LinkedIn profile/CV has info about my home schoolinig, and how it affected my ability to hack through educational systems and employers. Along the way I learned a lot and ocasionally was paid to pull off some great hacks.

Contact Info[edit]

My email address since 1987: "Stan Osborne" <>, prior to 1987, now depricated: dbi!stan or cshub!stan

Cell Phone number available upon request. It is currently not a smart phone, so you have to use an SMS gateway should you want to send my phone a message via email.

Very little of my communication needs require secrecy, so I have never registered a public PGP key for <>. In the distant past an employer required I register my work email address: pub 1024D/BA3B2D77 1998-10-14 Stan Osborne <> (inactive since 1999)

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