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Hi everybody, I'm Todd. I am so happy to see that Noisebridge is still going strong!

I have no idea why wordwrap is not working on this page.

Last time I was here was about two years ago, when I'd finally returned to Northern California and the bay area. Finding this place was quite a nice surprise. At the time, I was looking for work up here, but thanks to my surfing habit I ended up finding a (modestly paying) job programming for a startup,, down in Santa Cruz. We're based in the Cruzioworks coworking space. It's a great place to be able to work and chill at in that town.

I'm back up here now because I need to make more money. Instead of leaving Civinomics for a better-paying job, I'd rather get radical with my time. So, I'm hoping that being a driver for Lyft up here and Uber down there will empower me to make extra cash and have a great time.

As far as hacker projects go, I'm very interested in creating a small, weatherproof, solar-powered computer that can stream video it captures to multiple smart-phones within bluetooth/wifi range. The people using these phones will be able to augment the video they see with tags and time markers, so that entertaining clips can be identified and augmented by even more user input both in real time and afterwards, by connecting locally to this video node or to a central server.

I'm pretty easy to pick out in this space if you see me arriving or leaving, because I'll almost always be commuting with my "bo-skate". I use a metal staff with my skateboard like I'm a gondolier. It's a really handy way to get around as long as it's not raining.

Thanks for reading!