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Who Am I?[edit]

I'm a software engineer by day, and hardware hacker by night. I've gone from desktop, to embedded, to web-related development in my career. These days I work for a well known non-profit in the educational space. You can ask for my LinkedIn profile if you are interested, but who cares about the day job? It's all about the hacking!

I've been into computers and electronics since I was kid. My parents were routinely pissed at me for disassembling my toys. My dad's Tandy 1000 routinely lost files, which he later learned was due to me thinking I was hacking NASA. Hey, I was 5 and just started learning BASIC, so the details weren't exactly my forte.

I went on to study physics with programming and electronics remaining just a hobby. However, after an undergrad condensed-matter physics internship, where all I did was code simulations on big iron, I quickly realised I was better at programming than I was physics. Being an undergrad routinely helping graduate students with their code has that effect on you, but physics will remain my first love. One of my favorite places is Halted Electronics Supply in San Jose if that tells you anything about me.

You won't see me around the shop, and in fact have yet to visit, because I live in Humboldt County! However, my office is in Marin (I telecommute), so I'll get to the promised land one of these days. In the mean time, I haunt the Machine_Learning list, among other things.


Coming soon...

Contact / Identity[edit]

I can be reached at rwohleb at gmail dot com.

SSH Public Key[edit]

ssh-dss AAAAB3NzaC1kc3MAAACBAIPzt+4nVCWDvmP+gdqNBj/sMyp/wLKVIYYBBOfVyywcxgK2GTv A/wDC9rPI1LL4Qo9x3k6Sv7V6cEetTuZtFshKD0Zs5aeYRYjxesi2STRrTX3cY7kj2fNBx+BHY+fqrLwYhh JIwzi6QtaQS43fywhfFE0aNz9PGNwMrrliMobBAAAAFQDQozMlHyWWC8uGoZaIpg333Cxp/wAAAIAzP+6 w/h7U91akFupMeZVWLiRvp7ro6xu6DfVq1S+GysxIROTZGAgDvj8Fc5/XFUCalJuSrDSWRs58HfzlRw+lO fWFwmwE49EAfA8k0NaOi2j8XnzFB0QSpH9PYyWFgTSJyidYMCc7o/wA8nA7rbFebVzPfZWUOfN+Zxu50 ZkI0AAAAIAwtMkZ6Iat3k7uogCzdvwc57nxL6u8pGaX2OhI/VRPstQ+PL15Q9HmW5k7MHj6sZCuiFoHs d5PjqhGjasaxPReQnrd7mdcNv1GMird9KisyKIBbvMH90GD5XDxzL2RV6ganTEyumWb899Gi21X5EaD9 o9oBC9WmmIFkdgJu0RUKA==

GPG Public Key[edit]

Coming soon...

/etc/passwd Entry[edit]

# adduser --shell /bin/bash --gecos 'Rob Wohleb' tispork