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Hello world![edit]

My name is Julio but you can call me J. I moved in March 2014 from L.A and work in the tech field. When people ask me why move since I had a decent gig and place to live in L.A my answer is this: "Simple, people from all over the world come to L.A to work in the Entertainment Industry, Movies, TV, etc. If you want to be in the show biz then the City of Angels is the place to be. But, if you are in the Tech Field and want to be in the Mecca of technology then The Bay Area is were you want to live". Now I've been teaching Circuit Hacking Mondays since April 2014 here at Noisebridge.

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I like to tinker with stuff just for fun. I've done several projects over the years, some are practical that solve real problems, some are just for my own amusement. I never call myself an expert in anything because things change so quickly and there is always someone that knows more. I've been working with Windows since the DOS and the Windows 3.11 days. I've been working with Linux since 2010. My first programming language is BASIC on an Apple IIe and I am currently trying to learn Python. My 1st project was fixing a simple video connection issue on my NES when I was a kid and one of my last projects was modding an original Atari 2600 to work on a modern TV. I made old legacy applications (we are talking NT here) work on Windows 7 for my company and I've made Pikachu FLY and do EARTHQUAKE on a couple of games. Lately I've been looking at messing with other stuff aside from computers since my work takes a lot of computer time, so I also mess with aquariums and terrariums as a hobby.

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First system owned: Atari 2600

First system I ever opened: Nintendo Entertainment System

First PC owned: Gateway P100 8MB RAM 500MB Hard Drive 28.8 Modem(Top of the line 1995). Broke it on my 2nd day owning it, fixed the next day, broke it again, fixed it again. The first and last desktop I bought out of the box until I got a Mac Server some time ago.

What is a Hacker?[edit]

To me hacking is much more than coding and computers. Hacking is about of solving problems, making things with what's available, thinking outside the box, a way of looking at the world, a way of life. Hacking is not about being a criminal and hurting innocent people (although some hackers do). Hacking is not about using code that they got from some website to "spy" on people yet have no understanding of how it works (We call those "script kiddies", I prefer "script kitties").

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Real hackers, in my opinion, are makers, inventors, creators, innovators. Hackers are curious by nature and love learning new things, they want to understand how things work. They will take things apart, reverse engineer things, spend countless hours tinkering with things just for fun. A real hacker does not necessarily care about being rich and powerful but they want to change the world. Every hacker that I know wants to improve things and believe that knowledge and the power of learning should be accessible to everyone. I can go on and on but I want to invite you to do your own exploration. The link below is a good way to start:

The Hacker Ethic

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