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My name is Tom Brown. During 2013 I've been doing more rafting and tree climbing, which has motivated some of my hacking. I've visited NoiseBridge to use the woodshop, sewing machines and meet friends to work on projects. Hopefully I'll organize another LED bike-light workshop soon. I write software for Google Maps. Thank you for keeping this place alive.

Associate Membership[edit]

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  1. I, merlin, would be happy to sponsor Tom for associate membership! So, I am. That's what this is.
  2. TomGoBravo offers over 9000 Bitcoin's to the N0 Hat. The N0 Hat sponcers TomGoBravo for associate membership in Noisebridge.( ⌣́,⌣̀)......."I see what you did there".......(^◡^ )