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My name is Matt Meier, most call me Wolfy. Got my first basic stamp in the 4th grade and have been microcontroller and electronics addicted ever since. Deployed my first Linux web server in the 8th grade. By day I am an IT consultant specializing in Linux/Mac admin and VoIP.

My geeky obsession is Home Automation. When I'm bored I tent to design devices to monitor the general state of something in a home. Weather it be the temperature of the water to how much TP is left on the current roll.

[edit] Things I Sorta Know

PHP, CSS, SQL, Processing, Perl, Python, Arduino, BASH

[edit] Things I'd like to know more about

C, C++, JAVA, Android Dev

[edit] Ident

[edit] How to make a ME!

sudo adduser --gecos 'Matt Meier' --uid 9653 --shell /bin/bash wolfy

[edit] Where Did I Leave My Keys...

[edit] SSH

[edit] PGP

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