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Who I am[edit]

  • A recent transplant from Little Rock, Arkansas by way of SLAC National Accelerator
  • A father that lets those rambunctious hooligans get away from far too much.
  • A husband to a shy yet charismatic woman that does double duty as housewife and maker extrodinaire. The Newbie
  • A reformed 90's era hacker/acid-head that finds joy in seeing simple everday objects being used to solve technical problems in elegant ways. The micro embeded electronics(Arduino, beagle, Raspberry Pi's) revolution sure tickles my fancy.
  • DevOps enigneer with Web Agency and Gov - Enterprise experience
  • A child that marvels and delights at the universe and all of the ways it manifests itself.
  • A philosopher that resists rehashing old problems that have satisfactory answers.
  • A constant student. I'm consistently taking classes that are offered, no matter the subject.
  • A former School newspaper Opinions editor and Web Editor
  • Part of the SCA
  • Your newest friend

What I am capable of doing[edit]

My Day job title is Sr. Drupal Developer. I've been developing websites for about 8 years now - if you count personal sites and consultancies. I enjoy web development because the results of the work are often instantly percievable. I've done other devlopment, such as embedded electronics programming and financial application development. But, that doesn't pique my interests and draw out the passion that making two web applications talk in real time does. I also have a sick and twisted love of automation, or it may be that I am just lazy. Combine the two and you have DevOps. Making the process and tools that developers use to deploy and interact faster, cheaper and more efficient. Don't you want to turn off the lights in your home form a webpage? Isn't the idea of your phone opening your garage when you're coming home and driving within wifirange just a gas? I think so.

By merit of being poor and in the south, I have had to learn to manage all of my infrastructure. So I am extremly capable with Linux. Is anyone ever really an expert? I've had to learn the major services like BIND, Sendmail, RPC, route, iptables, x11, sshd, apache/nginx and understand TCP/IP. Because hardware is expensive I've learned Xen Hypervisor, VMWare ESXi and VirtualBox

I've been a part of[edit]



  • Can be relied on to produce reasonably well documented: C/C++/C#, PHP, PERL, BASH, Javscript, HTML, CSS, XML, SQL
  • Has written: Ruby, Python, Java, Lua

Wants to be an expert in all of them



  • English
  • German

What I want out of Noisebridge/Bay Area?[edit]

I want to meet people and be humbled by their excellence.

Where am I at?[edit]

San Jose

You got a website?[edit]

xalg Funky Penguin


BA, Double major in Philosophy and Computer Science


  • @vinsnazzypants
  • at
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