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Hello everyone,

I am visiting from Montreal and am currently part of the Sensorica community. Sensorica is an open-value network that is creating viable and pragmatic alternatives within the capitalistic system.

Sensorica is an open-community, which means open-access and open-knowledge (open-source). We have been creating sensors but are open to other types of creativity and innovation. We also commercialize our creativity and innovation and redistribute the revenue equitably based on our value accounting system (source: code Github). We also have ideas for governance that we are actively testing (for ex: how to redistribute revenue and how to manage commons.)

I would like to introduce these ideas to the Noisebridge community, however, I am only in town until beginning of January. Therefore, I would like to host a discussion session on our project to introduce our ideas and then if there is interest, we could continue the conversations over distance. My intention is to create collaboration between community across territorial boundaries.

Please feel free to comment on my discussion page and/or email me at


P.S. I will be faster at replying to an email