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I'm Yoav, I've been coming to noisebridge here and there for the past 3 years or so for random projects. I'm a mechanical engineer with some basic coding/electronics skills

Projects I've worked on/been working on at noisebridge:

Jeopardy box: - Made an arduino controlled box that lets people play jeopardy at home as long as it's recorded on a DVR. Has 3 buzzers, when someone buzzes in, the buzzer vibrates, a corresponding LED lights up, and the box pauses the DVR for 5 seconds to allow the person to answer then automatically resumes playback. Much thanks to the tidbits of help from the people I ran into at noisebridge for this one.

Desk: - Been using the noisebridge woodshop lately to make a desk. Nothing fancy.

Quadrotor: - Almost finished my third quadrotor build. For those of you who are into this too, it's an ADS-300-Q frame with a OpenPilot Revolution Board. If anyone else flies quads let me know, would love to connect with more people in the city who do.

I'm open to helping with projects around noisebridge. There's been talk of building a shop bot which would be awesome and would love to help with. I'm also thinking about starting a CAD tutorial for anyone interested, I'm somewhat of a solidworks power user and it would be fun to teach people, considering 3-D printing is becoming more widely adopted.

Associate Membership Sponsors[edit]

1. Jarrod sponsors Ybenhaim. You had me at teaching CAD/Solidworks in the space.