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"I finally got four hour shifts!" Lauren said walking in to the kitchen, her bra-less breasts wobbling under her t-shirt.

John looked at her, "How are you up this early? I thought you get back at like 2 a.m. now."

"I don't need much sleep. I feel perfectly rested after a couple hours. It's good because I'm gonna be coming back even later now. This would have happened sooner if any of the other girls could keep up with me. I'm basically the one doing all the serving right now. The customers only seem to want me." She said with a smile. "I suppose I shouldn't complain. It lets me charge like 100 bucks as a service charge."

"How many people do you serve an hour?"

She flipped her lustrous black hair back, "I can usually do two people at once, one for each breast, so I serve about 150 people an hour."

That was $15000 an hour. If she had four hour shifts from now on she would be making $60000 a night. That was insane.